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Cookie policy

By using the Platform, you agree and acknowledge that we may store some information on your device in the form of a file known as the “cookie”. This Cookie Policy includes description of how the cookies work and how we use them. This Cookie Policy applies to all websites, mobile applications, and other online services (hereinafter referred jointly to as the “Platform”) operated by the company P2P.

This Cookie Policy forms an integral part of the Terms and Conditions and therefore all provisions contained in the Terms and Conditions apply to this Cookie Policy accordingly.

By registration on the Platform you declare that you have read the Cookie Policy carefully and agree with it without reservation. If you do not agree with the Cookie Policy, you are not allowed to use the Platform and register on the Platform and if you have already been registered, you are obliged to cancel your registration.

Changes and Amendments

P2P reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without a prior notice, to amend the Cookie Policy and any other documents referred to herein. P2P will inform you about any changes of the Cookie Policy on the Platform by sending a message or other notification. Any change or amendment of the Cookie Policy takes effect upon its publication (unless otherwise specified). By using the Platform after the change or amendment becomes effective you agree to the change and amendment of the Cookie Policy. If you do not agree to the change or amendment, you are obliged to terminate using the Platform and cancel your registration.

Cookies Consent

If you wish to use the functions and services offered by the Platform fully, your device need to have cookies enabled, as we can provide some functions of the Platform with cookies enabled only. We use cookies to examine the efficiency of both the Platform design and advertisements and other elements displayed on the Platform, and the cookies help us to verify your identity if necessary.

What are cookies and how do we use them?

Cookies are used to improve your experience from almost each website, including the Platform. Cookies are small text files downloaded to your device when using websites, including the Platform. The Platform may download these cookie files from your Internet browser whenever you use it and this is how it can recognise you and remember your preferences and Platform settings. Cookies mean no threat to your device. Cookies are commonly used to distinguish individual users; they store user defaults and the like, thus making the use of websites more simple. Cookies are very useful and commonly used by almost each website. Due to security reasons, most websites do not operate without using the cookies. In general, cookies do not include any information for identification of individual persons but instead they are used for identification of a browser on the particular device. Cookies may be temporary and persistent, depending on how long they are used: temporary cookies last only during your online session and are deleted from your device after closing the browser. Persistent cookies remain in your device even after closing the browser during the period specified in the cookie file. These persistent cookies may be controlled during each visit of the Platform due to the above reasons.

If, for instance, you access the Platform, we record your identification within your account in the cookie file to your device. We can also record your password in the cookie file if you have stated you wish to save the password for the automatic log-in. Due to security reasons, we encrypt any data related to users we store in the cookie files.

We can also use services of third parties who use cookies as well. These cookies are managed by third parties and we have no access to such cookies.

Cookie Management

Most Internet browsers enable deleting cookies from your device, blocking all cookies (or cookies of third party only), or may warn you before any cookie is stored to your device. You acknowledge that if you block all cookies or disable them, the Platform may not operate as intended and you will not be able to use it entirely or access all functions offered by the Platform. If you have blocked or disabled all cookies and wish to use all functions and service of the Platform, you may do so by enabling cookies in your browser at your device.

Mobile Device Identifiers

If you use the Platform on your mobile device, we use mobile device identifiers (a unique identifier assigned by the device manufacturer) for identification of mobile devices instead of cookie files. We do it for the same reason as when storing cookies, i.e., saving your preferences and monitoring of your use of the Platform. Contrary to the cookie files, the mobile device identifier cannot be deleted. Various third parties use the identifier of the device for monitoring of the number of displayed advertisements, measuring of efficiency of advertisements and graphic ads, which are more relevant to you, for monitoring of information about the use of the Platform and its individual parts, functionalities, etc. We also may share the device identifier with third parties which provide us with services related to the Platform.

You agree with and acknowledge the above.