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A nicely painted house, apartment or office has an atmosphere that has a much greater impact on us than we realize. The difference between a freshly painted room and one that has yellowed walls for years, or even cracks or smudges, affects our mood, our inner well-being and how we feel in space. A skilled painter can transform such a space in a single day. And it doesn't cost much.

Whether you need to paint the interior, exterior, or help with paint removal and other preparatory work, Wilio will find a skilled painter who can handle it.

1. Turnover price offers
Don't waste time looking for offers from different companies. Enter your demand and you will soon start receiving offers from skilled painters from the area.

2. Do not exceed your budget
Prices for painting work can be really different. However, with Wilio you can easily compare several offers and choose the one that suits your budget.

3. Find the best painters
Hire the best rated painters from the area, you will get the security of clean and quality work that you can rely on.


Frequently asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional painter when I can paint myself?
If you do not have the necessary experience, it will take you longer to paint and it may be more expensive for you to buy all the necessary equipment. The result of your painting may not be as satisfactory, high quality and clean as if you turned to a professional. Professional painters have all the tools, materials, skills and experience needed to paint every space quickly and professionally.


What skills does a painter have?
Professional painters apply paints to various surfaces, such as interior walls, exterior walls, fences, as well as furniture and various accessories. Other work that painters provide includes gluing wallpaper to walls. Most painters paint surfaces in one color, but some use special techniques to create patterns, murals, or graffiti on the walls according to specific customer requirements.


How often do you need to paint?
Exteriors should be painted every 5-10 years. Weather, environment or poor quality materials may make it necessary to paint more often. Walls and ceilings in interiors are painted more often, usually every 4 to 6 years, especially in buildings with high traffic, or in areas where smoking is done.


Should I supply the painter with paint and equipment, or will I bring my own?
Most professional painters use their own tools, but you have to pay for the paints and consumables after consulting with the painter, or supply them. Professional painters know the best colors and materials for each type of surface, so before you buy a paint, we recommend that you consult your painter about the purchase. However, if you have already purchased paints and consumables, notify your painter before sending you a price calculation.


How much does it cost to paint?
The price of the work will depend on how many square meters you need to paint, whether it is walls or ceilings, whether you need to paint the slats with a different color, whether you need to remove old wallpaper or paintings and whether pre-work is needed. The price will also be affected by the condition of the surface, the number of layers needed and whether the painter is close or must come from a greater distance. The price for the painter's work does not include paints and consumables. When comparing bids, we recommend making sure that the calculations contain the same types and amounts of materials.


How long does it take to paint a room?
A small painting of one room can take a few hours, while painting the whole house can take a week or more. An average room with an area of ​​12 m2 could take a professional painter about 4 hours, including preparation and a few coats.



What kind of work will a painter do for you?

What common projects can a painter help me with?
Painting work usually involves the entire process from removing the original paint and wallpaper, preparatory work to painting and final cleaning. Some common painters are:


Exterior painting
The exterior walls of your house need to be painted regularly, not only to look nice, but also because they are constantly stressed and exposed to harsh weather. To maintain a fresh look, it is necessary to paint the walls every few years, as well as fences, gutters, window sills and doors. The painter usually adjusts and, if necessary, sandblasts the surface, removes cracked or peeling paint or plaster, and then paints the surfaces. It always uses a color suitable for the exterior to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible.


Interior wall painting
Painting the interior will give your house or apartment a new fresh look, help remove yellowing and the smell of cigarettes as well as cracks, smudges or fingerprints. A professional painter will choose colors to suit your style and fit into the room. Preparation begins by removing or covering the furniture and cleaning the wall surfaces. The painter repairs all the cracks, then grinds the rough spots. Apply 2 to 3 coats of paint to achieve a smooth and even surface. Finally, the painter removes the protective foils and tapes and cleans everything.


Paint removal
Many painters also have experience with removing paint. Because paint removal is generally a time consuming job, it is a good idea to outsource this work to a professional. It can also help you remove and cover graffiti. Depending on the surface, it will use different scraping tools, sandpaper or chemicals to remove these unwanted coatings.


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Nice, smart, well done work.
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Precise and well done work, I recommend.
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Absolute satisfaction with his job and attitude. Responsible and reliable. Thumb up!
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I am fully satisfied with the work.
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Very good work and communication, fair approach. I recommend.
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I was very pleased with Mr Vida.
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