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Are you looking for a skilled masonry expert? Whether you need to brick a house, add a few rooms, build another floor, replace the core, or change the layout of the apartment, we will help you find a master of masonry who can handle it. Our masons will be able to handle everything from building a garage, through the reconstruction of the attic, adding a winter garden to building a house from scratch. Save time and money by comparing offers and selecting the best rated master masons from your area.

Wilio will help you find masonry experts who will build everything for you, from foundations, load-bearing walls and columns, to a chimney or fireplace. Good quality, at a reasonable price and when you need it.

1. Turnover price offers
Don't waste time looking for offers from various construction companies. Enter your inquiry and you will soon start receiving offers from masonry experts in your area.

2. Do not exceed your budget
Prices for masonry work can be really different. However, with Wilio you can easily compare several offers and choose the one that suits your budget and type of construction.

3. Find the best mason masters
Hire the best rated masonry experts from the area, you will get quality work that will last for many years.

Frequently asked Questions

What are masonry work?
Masonry work involves the construction of all structures by joining materials using mortar. Mortar is a form of cement that, after drying, holds together a structure of bricks, concrete, stone, marble and other materials. Man-made materials are used for masonry work, but also those that occur naturally in nature.


How to find a masonry specialist in my area?
The best way to find a masonry specialist is to enter a demand for Wilio. We will send your request to experts with the necessary qualifications, and you will be able to choose from several offers from masters who know how to do the job when you need it. Then compare offers, read reviews and reviews from customers and see photos of finished masonry work to choose the right expert for your project.


Can I do the masonry myself?
Many masonry work is more complex than it might seem. A home improvement can also build a decorative wall in the garden, which is not load-bearing. But when it comes to building retaining walls, building foundations, or it is necessary for the master to be able to build according to architectural plans and drawings, he should rather leave this work to professionals. You will be able to be sure that all masonry work has been done well and that the construction will be safe and durable.


Do I have the material for the masonry work to supply, or will the mason bring his own?
Bricks and other building materials must be paid for or delivered by you after consultation with the mason. Always make sure you have enough of all the necessary material. It is best to agree on what materials will need to be purchased before confirming the price offer for masonry work.


How long does masonry work take?
The length of the masonry work will depend on the type of work, the amount of preparatory work required and how many meters will need to be masonry. Smaller masonry work can be done by a skilled mason in a few hours, while larger projects such as building a house will take several weeks.


Which type of material is best for masonry work?
The answer to this question largely depends on the specific project. Depending on the style, needs and location of the structure to be masonry, it is advisable to consider different materials. For example, if the structure is placed outdoors, it will be necessary to use a material that is durable and weather resistant. On the other hand, when it comes to interior design elements, the appearance of the final product will be more important, instead of how durable it is.


How long does masonry last?
It depends on the type of masonry work that needs to be done, the amount of preparatory work needed and how many meters you will need to brick. On average, a bricklayer can lay 280 to 500 bricks a day. Smaller jobs can be done in a few hours, while larger projects such as building a house can take several weeks.


What types of masonry can I order?

  • Brickwork of bricks and concrete blocks
  • Construction of stone or brick walls, retaining walls, columns, decorative or functional structures
  • Construction and repair of chimneys
  • Repairs of damaged walls and replacement of damaged or crumbling bricks and masonry
  • Building stone walls with or without mortar
  • Casting of concrete columns, foundations, washers
  • Cement repairs
  • Plastering and troweling walls

  • Waterproofing of concrete, block or stone foundations
  • Installation of natural or artificial stone cladding
  • Concreting
  • Installation and reconstruction of decorative stone and architectural details, such as window sills, bay windows, etc.
  • Installation of stone walkways, terraces, fireplaces, stairs
  • Pouring concrete stairs and sidewalks
  • Access roads made of concrete, gravel, tiles or stone


What types of materials can I use for masonry work?

Brick is today the most popular masonry material. It is a quality and durable material that will look good and stylish throughout the life of the property. Bricks come in a variety of styles, from traditional reds to modern textures and colors. They are usually made of clay, sand, water and sometimes lime or ash. Different types of bricks may contain different ingredients that are mixed and then molded. When the bricks are shaped, they are burned.

Jointed bricks are dense bricks with a smooth surface, also called facings, which can be left exposed without plaster. The bricks are placed in a tread, tie, cross, or semi-cross bond. In this type of masonry work, the emphasis is on creating even joints. The joints of the masonry are first scraped off and then evenly filled with ordinary or cement mortar. Joints can be filled up to the plane of the joint face. After hardening, they are coated with a waterproof layer so that moisture does not penetrate into the masonry.


Aerated concrete
Aerated concrete is a lightweight building material that is made from a filler (sand or fly ash), a binder (lime and cement), water and a gaseous additive. Its use in masonry is facilitated by the fact that it is available in the form of blocks as well as in the form of complete systems for the construction of walls and ceilings. Because it is light, its use saves costs in the dimensioning of load-bearing structures, as well as in transport. Aerated concrete blocks are larger than bricks. Those used on load-bearing and perimeter walls have interlocking tongues and grooves, thanks to which mortar is used in masonry only in horizontal joints. This requires much less mortar joints and masonry work. It is non-flammable, regulates humidity in the interior and is frost-resistant.


Stone masonry
Two types of stones are used in masonry work. Row masonry is thus processed stone blocks that can be found in several shapes and patterns. And a quarry stone, also known as a rough stone, which is deposited as "rubble masonry". The result is a less clean look and walls without a regular pattern. Instead, the quarry stone provides a more authentic look that can look great.


Concrete blocks
Concrete blocks are available in various sizes and shapes, making them a universal building material. Concrete is laid similarly to brick. Because concrete blocks are much larger than bricks, these masonry works are much shorter. Concrete blocks are therefore a very popular building material. In addition, they are usually more affordable than bricks and are also fire resistant. They are often used especially for foundations.


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