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Frequently asked Questions

Why look for a renovation specialist at Wilio?

Whether you are planning to renovate an apartment or house to make your home more functional, economical or more beautiful, each reconstruction requires a lot of effort and represents a significant investment. On the way to the dream home, there are a number of pitfalls that many inexperienced owners encounter. Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable, experienced and quality supplier. It is safer to turn to a professional than to start a reconstruction yourself. Experts who specialize in renovations have the necessary experience, master best and safe procedures and know how to work with different materials. Wilio will help you find a contractor you can trust to turn your property into a dream home.

What skills does a reconstruction expert have?

A reconstruction specialist has a range of skills needed to manage construction work and everything related to reconstruction. Its task is to ensure that every aspect of the renovation work proceeds according to plan and in accordance with the applicable building laws and regulations. He knows how to choose the right materials, procedures and tools. Can strategically plan, coordinate and manage people and resources. He can practically apply various engineering and construction techniques, often mastering the principles of functional interior design.

How do I find an apartment and house renovation expert?

Creating an inquiry for Wilio is a quick and easy way to find a proven apartment and home renovation specialist in your area. Wilio will help you find an expert who can adapt to your time and do all the work you require.

What needs to be done when renovating an apartment or house?

Replace the floor or tiles. Carry out the necessary electrical and plumbing work and install new bathroom and kitchen equipment. To paint, if it is a house, it is necessary to paint not only the interior but also the exterior.

Do I need an architect for reconstruction?

In most cases, an architect is not needed. In the case of a historic building, it may be necessary for the architect to prepare the required documentation so that the reconstruction can be approved by the relevant authorities.

How long will the reconstruction of an apartment or house take?

The length of the reconstruction is different for each project depending on the scope of work. The contract with the contractor should include a start date and a completion date. During the reconstruction, it is necessary for the owner to be available and to be able to make important decisions during the work so that the work does not stand still. During the refurbishment, the craftsmen will need to have access to the property during normal working hours.

How much does it cost to renovate an apartment or house?

The prices of the reconstruction really vary greatly depending on the needs of the owner and the possibilities of the budget. The Reconstruction Specialist will provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision on how to use your resources effectively.

When is the best time for renovation?

Renovation or remodeling of interiors can usually be completed at any time during the year. Some parts of the reconstruction may depend on the weather. For example, when renovating a house, work on foundations, walls and roofs should be completed at temperatures above freezing.

Can I buy my own building materials for renovation?

Of course. However, we recommend that you thoroughly discuss with the supplier which materials you will order. There are many small and specific items that are needed, but they are easily forgotten when ordering or the exact type is not followed.

How will the reconstruction proceed?

There are many variables that affect how long it takes to renovate an apartment or house. The individual phases of the project are briefly described below. An introductory meeting to get an idea of ​​the scope of the project and a tour of where to determine what will need to be done. Design phase - During this phase, the customer and the supplier agree on the design and reconstruction plans, then both parties sign the contract. Preparation phase - Materials are selected and reconstruction is planned. Construction phase - Construction work in progress. Completion and handover phase - Final list of all remaining repairs and finishing works.

Hints and tips

Good assignment is the key

There are many variables that affect the price and length of work on the reconstruction of an apartment or house. Write in the assignment the most accurate description of everything that will be reconstructed so that the expert knows exactly what your idea is.

Check the implementation

To make sure that all the work has been done well, check the work during it as well as after it has been completed.

Budget and time

Don't forget to add your requirements for the completion date to the assignment. If you have a budget that needs to be met, notify your service provider at the outset.

What works are usually part of the reconstruction?

Changing the layout of rooms and building on existing floor plans.

Installation of floors, tiles, doors

Disassembly and installation of kitchen unit and accessories

Disassembly and installation of bathroom sanitary ware

Plumbing work

Electroinstallation works

The painting

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