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Do you need to repair a gas boiler, ensure a complete reconstruction of gas distribution, or simply connect a gas stove? You should never take gas lightly. Therefore, if you have a gas boiler, stove or other appliances in your household, you should always turn to a professionally trained gas technician during maintenance, repair and installation. A professional gas engineer will take care of the connection and repair of gas boilers, installation or repair of gas distribution systems, the implementation of gas connections and all emergency situations, so you will be able to use all your appliances safely.

Wilio will help you find professional gas technicians in your area who are immediately available to help you with any installation, repair, or revision.

1. Turnover price offers
Don't waste time looking for offers from different companies. Enter your demand and you will soon start receiving offers from skilled gasmen in your area.

2. Do not exceed your budget
Prices for the work of a gasman can really be different. However, with Wilio you can easily compare several offers and choose the one that suits your budget.

3. Find the best gasmen
Hire the best rated gas companies from the area, you will gain the security of quality work that you can rely on.

Frequently asked Questions

What skills does a gasman have?
The gas engineer can perform assembly, laying and fastening of gas pipelines, connect pipeline connections using threads, sockets, flanges, knows how to do maintenance work at control, odorization and measuring stations. He can perform welding work in joining metallic and non-metallic materials, as well as piping and insulation work, install gauges and security devices. Performs gas activities in the production, treatment, transportation and distribution of gas. The gas operator can organize activities related to earthworks and laying gas pipelines. Orients when working on gas pipelines under gas pressure, including pressure tests, can locate and secure gas leaks in outdoor and indoor areas, perform professional and special work on technological equipment used in the gas industry, perform pipeline installation and maintenance of propane-butane sampling equipment . It can provide work related to the installation, as well as ensuring the operation of networks, operation and maintenance of used stations (measuring, regulating, odorizing, compression) as well as in the installation of internal wiring and installation of appliances, including their maintenance.


How often should the gas distribution in an apartment building be checked?
It is necessary to distinguish whether the device is located in front of or behind the main gas valve. The Slovak gas industry ensures safe operation and maintenance of the distribution network - gas pipelines together with connections, discharge stations (stations between the transmission and distribution network) and control stations (adjust the pressure as needed), including the main gas shut-off. Behind the HUP (main gas shut-off) there are gas sampling devices (eg natural gas meter - so-called gas meter, housing distribution, gas appliances, eg boiler, stove, water heater; house distribution), for which the owner or administrator of the house is responsible , or a community of owners. It must be inspected every three years and a professional examination must be provided every 6 years.


When should preventive inspections of gas equipment be performed?
Regular technical inspections and tests of the gas supply equipment are necessary not only in terms of safety, but also in terms of efficient operation, which leads to energy savings. It must be performed by a professionally qualified person. The inspection interval is specified by the manufacturer in the operating instructions. As a rule, it is recommended once a year for boilers and gas water heaters, once every two years for gas stoves and ovens, once every 3 years for gas distribution, in addition, a professional test of gas distribution should be performed once every 6 years. Once a year, the heating system must be inspected and the function of the control and safety devices and fittings must be checked, as well as the combustion air supply must be inspected. Flue gas extraction equipment must also be inspected - for example, regular cleaning and professional inspection of chimneys must be ensured.

Savings can be achieved in the preventive inspection, in particular by eliminating the following shortcomings:

  • incorrect setting of burners on any gas appliance, or their poor technical condition (corroded, burnt, clogged with dirt),
  • clogging of exchangeable surfaces in flow heaters or boilers,
  • leakage of natural gas through leaks on distribution lines (inspection of mechanical connections, flanges, ...).


How should I handle gas appliances?

  • Follow the instructions for operation, operation and maintenance of gas appliances in the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Always inspect and maintain gas appliances and gas lines in accordance with the operating instructions of their manufacturer and supplier.
  • Use the gas appliance only for the purpose for which it is intended.
  • Make sure that there is sufficient air supply in the room where the gas appliance is located.
  • Ensure proper ventilation of the area where the appliance is used, the flue gases of which escape into the air (gas stove, oven, gas flow heater).
  • Only entrust repairs, maintenance and inspection of gas appliances to persons with professional qualifications and the required authorization.


What work does a gasman do?
A professionally trained gas engineer can help you with the overhaul, repair and maintenance of gas boilers. Can check for gas leaks. It will help you to connect or disconnect gas hobs and provide you with a confirmation in the warranty card by a certified gasman. It can make a new gas connection for your property, or make a complete reconstruction of the gas distribution in your apartment, house or company. Carry out the replacement of HAD caps and hoses on gas equipment and pressure tests and inspections on the gas distribution system, as well as the replacement of the HUP (main gas shut-off valve) and eliminate gas leaks and accidents. Wilio will help you find a quality gasman, from your area, who will be happy to help if it suits you.


How do I find a good gasman?
Creating an inquiry for Wilio is a quick and easy way to find a skilled and willing gasman in your area. Wilio will help you find an expert with the right experience at your request.


Should I provide the gasman with equipment, or will he bring my own?
Most professional gasmen use their own tools, but the gas equipment that will be installed and the consumables you have to pay for or supply after consulting the gasman. Professional gasmen know what materials are needed for a gas installation, so before you buy materials or equipment, we recommend that you consult your gasman for a purchase. However, if you have already purchased equipment and consumables, notify your gas company before sending you a price calculation.


How to Hire a Gasman Using Wilio?
Finding a skilled gasman in your area is easy. Just enter a query. Wilio then informs the professionals who are in your area, have the necessary skills and know how to do the work on time. Then all you have to do is choose from the offers you get. With Wilio, you can be sure that you will get quality services at a reasonable price. You can be convinced of the quality of work of individual gas companies by looking at their customer ratings and reviews. You only pay for the service performed and only after its completion.


How much does a gasman cost?
Creating an inquiry for Wilio is a quick and easy way to find a skilled and willing gasman in your area. Wilio will help you find an expert with the right experience at your request.


Who is responsible for the gas?
After the main gas shut-off (HUP), it is a gas facility for which the natural gas distributor is responsible. From the HUP to the natural gas appliance itself, it is a gas supply device for which the customer, ie the property owner, is responsible. In apartment buildings, the community of apartment owners or the house manager is responsible for the joint distribution of gas. The apartment owners are responsible for the gas distribution behind the gas meter (in apartments), including gas appliances.

  • The natural gas distributor is responsible for the gas installation up to the main gas shut-off. The main gas shut-off separates it from the sampling devices.
  • The customer, who is usually the owner of the property, is responsible for the offtake gas equipment.
  • In apartment buildings, the community of apartment owners or the house manager is responsible for the joint distribution of gas.
  • The owners of flats are responsible for the gas distribution behind the gas meter (in flats), including appliances.
  • If there is a boiler room in the house, the administrator or the community of owners is also responsible for it.


What work will the gasman do for you

Revision and maintenance of gas boiler
A combustion process takes place in a gas boiler, where high surface temperatures are developed. Therefore, in order to ensure trouble-free and safe operation of these devices, the revision of the boiler is required not only by law, but also by the manufacturers themselves. The revision is not only about ensuring the trouble-free operation of the gas boiler, but mainly about safety, which can be endangered in the event of a boiler failure and a carbon monoxide leak. During normal service, the heat exchange surfaces are cleaned, which ensure the transfer of heat between the flame and water, which is the basis for achieving the efficiency of the device stated by the manufacturer. Excessively worn parts will be replaced if necessary.


Confirmation of the boiler revision
Confirmation (protocol) of the performed revision is necessary in the event of an insured event. As a result of non-performed inspections and service, the insurance company will not reimburse you for damage because you have not fulfilled your legal obligations. According to the decree, every device over 50 KW is obliged to undergo a safety inspection once a year. According to the law, only a professionally qualified person who has the relevant authorizations can repair, perform maintenance, technical inspections and tests of gas equipment.


Installation of gas stoves and gas hobs
Connecting a gas stove or gas hob is one of the most common jobs a gasman can do for you. The gas supply will supply the hose and screws and other consumables and connect the gas equipment. It then tests the installed device. Upon completion of the work, the gas operator should give you a certificate of installation, which is necessary for a successful complaint in the event of a failure of the gas equipment.


New connections, remodeling of the gas installation, or new gas installation from the gas meter to the appliances
If you need to bring gas into your property, the gasman will make a connection for you. The gas company can also remodel existing gas installations for you and relocate existing outlets. It can also carry out complete new gas installations for you from the gas meter to the appliances. He will then test the entire installation and issue you with an installation certificate.


What should I do if I leak gas?

If you suspect a gas leak should follow these safety instructions:

  • Open all doors and windows.
  • Switch off gas appliances and close the gas supply (house shut-off or main gas shut-off).
  • Do not use open flame (do not light matches and lighters).
  • Do not use electric bells, electrical appliances and telephones.
  • Do not unplug the power cords of electrical appliances.
  • Do not use the elevator.
  • Don't smoke.
  • Warn the other occupants of the house and leave the building.

  • Inform the emergency service of the gas organization by telephone outside the house or the place of escape.
  • If the smell of gas comes out of the locked areas, inform the police or fire brigade at the same time.
  • Make the leak site available for emergency and breakdown service.
  • Never detect gas leakage with a flame, but always with a foaming agent (detergent or soap). The gas leak is manifested by the formation of bubbles at the site of the leak. Larger gas leaks can easily be detected by smell and possibly also by hearing.

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