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Don't have time to do all the work in the garden? An experienced gardener will help you with outdoor work - mow the lawn, remove weeds, prune and treat trees against pests, plant flowers and help you with landscaping. Find an experienced professional who will make sure that you don't have to spend precious free time working in the garden, but instead can use this time to relax with friends and family.

Wilio will help you find skilled gardeners in your area who are ready to start work immediately.

1. Turnover price offers
Don't waste time looking for offers from various gardening companies. Enter your demand and you will soon start receiving offers from skilled gardeners directly from your area.

2. Don't exceed your budget
Prices for garden work can be really different. However, with Wilio you can easily compare several offers and choose the one that suits your budget and needs.

3. Find the best gardeners
Hire the best rated gardeners from the area, you will get quality work that you can rely on. For a reasonable price.


Frequently asked Questions

What does a gardener do?
The gardener is an expert in the care of gardens, including flowers, trees, useful plants, lawns, provides weed control, or pest control and other outdoor work. He can help you with everything you need to do in the garden.


Why should I hire a professional gardener?
If you turn to a professional gardener you can count on him to take proper care of your garden and all the plants in it. The gardener knows the right procedures and has many years of experience in breeding different types of gardens.


How do I find a good gardener?
At Wilio you will easily find a skilled and helpful gardener from your area. Just enter a demand, answer a few questions about what garden work needs to be done and wait for offers from experienced gardeners.


How long does garden maintenance take?
Regular garden maintenance and lawn mowing can take from 30 minutes to several hours. But if it is a larger task or a large garden, it will need more time.


How much does a gardener cost?
The price of gardening work will depend on what tasks need to be done and the size of the land. The price is also affected by how far the gardener will travel to you.


Why should I hire a professional gardener?
If you turn to a professional gardener you can count on him to take proper care of your garden and all the plants in it. The gardener knows the right procedures and has many years of experience in breeding different types of gardens.


What skills does a gardener have?
An experienced gardener is an expert and knows various topics from soil ecology to plant physiology.

Consultations and garden planning
Choosing the plants that are most suitable for the climate and location of your property
Buying the right plants or seeds
Planting new flowers and trees
Watering and fertilizing plants
Treatment of fungi and plant diseases and prevention of their occurrence
Soil maintenance for optimal plant growth
Weed control and other work needed to maintain the garden



Do I have to provide my gardener with tools or consumables?
Most gardeners will bring their own equipment, including lawn mowers, brush cutters and other tools. However, some gardeners prefer to use the equipment you have at home. It is best to ask the gardener what approach he prefers.



What gardening services can I order?

What common projects can a gardener help me with?
Gardening services can be really different, from routine mowing and maintenance of the garden to the design and complete planting of a new garden. Below are some of the most common gardening services:


Garden maintenance and mowing
Regular maintenance is important to make the garden look its best. Mowing the lawn should begin by burying the leaves and cleaning the area if necessary. Then the gardener mows and buries all the lawns. Then he cuts the hedges with a brushcutter. The gardener should also prune trees and shrubs to keep them healthy and beautiful all year round. If necessary, it also regularly or seasonally applies fertilizers for specific types of plants and lawns.


Weed and pest control
Weeds and pests endanger plant and garden health. A gardener can prevent this problem by uprooting weeds, fertilizing and spraying endangered plants with suitable products to protect them from algae, fungi, aphids and other pests. To prevent the growth of weeds, it is advisable to perform mulching around the roots of trees and shrubs.

Planting the garden
A gardener can help you choose the right plants that will fit in your garden, tolerate each other well and will be distributed so that they do not interfere with each other even a few years after planting. It will take into account factors such as the optimal location of plants, orientation to the sides of the world, the level of sunlight, the level of humidity and precipitation, the season, maintenance needs, etc. It will help you choose plants that look good and at the same time correspond to the level of care and maintenance you want to provide.


Lawn restoration
If your lawn is overgrown with weeds, or looks yellowed or dried, a gardener can help you restore it. This can mean leveling out inequalities, aerating the soil to promote healthy growth, fertilizing and adding nutrients, sowing the right variety of grass and adjusting the pH of the soil if necessary. A gardener will help you choose and establish the right type of lawn. It can also help you design, install and set up manual or automatic irrigation.


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