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Do you need to build a new fence or repair an existing fence? Fences protect not only your privacy, children and pets, but also your property. Whether you need to build a metal fence, a wire fence, a brick fence, a concrete fence, a wooden fence, a plastic fence, or a hedge, Wilio will help you find the right expert to help you. An experienced professional will use the right materials and equipment and will ensure a quality result at the best price.

Whether you need to build a new fence or repair an existing fence, Wilio will help you find the best fencing experts in your area.

1. Turnover price offers
Don't waste time looking for offers from different companies. Enter your demand and you will soon start receiving offers from skilled fence experts from your area.

2. Do not exceed your budget
Prices for building or repairing a fence can be really different. However, with Wilio you can easily compare several offers and choose the one that suits your budget.

3. Find the best sweat experts
Hire the best rated fence construction experts from your area, you will get quality work that you can rely on.


Frequently asked Questions

Should I build a new fence or repair an existing fence?
It depends on the current condition of the fence, how old it is, the materials available and the budget you have available. You can usually gain more time by building or repairing damaged parts before building a new fence. But if a brick or concrete fence is unstable and tilts, if the wood is dusty and rotten, or the metal fence is completely rusted, it's time for a new one.


Why should I turn to fence construction experts?
If you use the services of a fence construction expert, you will be sure that the fencing will be built on a professional level. Trying to build a fence without the right tools, equipment or knowledge can lead to a poorly built fence, which can be dangerous or will not look aesthetically pleasing.


How much does the fence cost?
The price of the fence will vary depending on whether the old fence needs to be removed, the type of fence, the length of the fence, whether a gate and other accessories are needed.


How do I know if my fence supplier has proper experience?
A real fence construction expert will be willing to answer any questions that interest you and acquaint you with the various fencing options that exist.


How long will my new fence last?
Wooden fences usually last 10 to 12 years, a brick fence lasts about 50 years, and gabion fences can last up to 100 years. Of course, natural phenomena such as floods, falling tree branches, floods and storms can cause damage, so a fence will need to be repaired. Regular maintenance and care can extend the life of your fence.


Which type of fence is best?
Which type of fence is most suitable for your property depends on your budget, how difficult the maintenance is, whether you have pets or dogs to avoid escaping, and whether you prefer a fence through which you can see or want to have privacy. The most advantageous option is usually wooden fences, but metal fences tend to be less maintenance-intensive and more durable.


How long will it take to build a fence?
How long the construction of a given fence will take will also depend on the chosen material, the length of the fence, the difficulty of the terrain, and other factors. However, it usually takes 3 to 5 days, including removing the old fence, preparing and installing a new fence. Some types of fences install faster than others.


Should the fence be horizontal or follow the terrain?
When building a fence on uneven terrain, one of the options is to monitor the terrain of the land. With this method, it is advisable for the slope of the land to be slight rather than dramatic.


What should I not forget when building a fence?
Don't forget your neighbors. You should inform your neighbors before building a fence.


How do I know which fence is best for me?
There are different types of fences that meet different needs. Some fences provide a higher level of security, while others provide more privacy. A fence expert will be able to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of different types of fences.



What does the construction or repair of a fence involve?

How is the fence repaired?
Fence repairs vary depending on the type of fencing and the degree of damage - the fence repair specialist must assess the situation on site and give you recommendations. But if you need to build a new fence, the project usually goes like this:


Fence selection
The first step in building a fence is to decide on a certain type of material. The most popular types of fences include:


Concrete fence
Concrete fences are popular for their durability, low maintenance, timeless classic style and the high level of privacy they provide.


Wooden fence
You can adapt the style of the brick fence to the look of your home, or you can build a fence that will visually unite your property with your neighbors.


Brick fences made of brick
From wall shelves, paintings and TVs to bike racks and mirrors - call your watch husband if you need help mounting on a wall. Most hourly spouses will bring their own tools, but you may have to pay for materials such as screws or holders for heavy items such as televisions and the like.


Glass fencing is commonly used to fence swimming pools and balconies.


Mesh fence
Mesh fences are popular for their affordability. They are made of wire mesh which is supported at regular intervals by metal posts.

If you are not sure which fence to choose, ask an expert who will help you choose and order the most suitable fence for your land.


Preparation for the construction of the fence
Fencing installation begins with preparations. These include measuring and marking the fencing area, making sure the fencing is at the boundary of the plot, removing trees and other obstacles. After measuring the fencing, it will be necessary to dig holes for corner, middle and gate columns.


Fence construction
The end, corner and gate columns are installed with the help of a fast-setting concrete mixture. It is necessary to check that the posts are erect straight, that they are centered on the line of the fence and that they are at the correct height. He then installs or bricks the rest of the fence between the columns. Finally, the gate is installed and checked to see if it opens and closes smoothly.


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