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Has the power gone out? Is it time for revision? Or do you need to install new circuit breakers or expand the existing network and its capacity? You need a quality local electrician who can safely and without waiting fix what is needed and advise on solutions you can rely on.

Wilio will help you find master electricians in your area who are ready to embark on your project immediately.

1. Turnover price offers
Don't waste time looking for offers from different companies. Enter an inquiry and you will soon start receiving offers from skilled electricians from your area.

2. Don't exceed your budget
Prices for electrical installation work can be really different. However, with Wilio you can easily compare several offers and choose the one that suits your budget and project.

3. Find the best electricians
Hire the best rated electricians from your area, you will get a guarantee of quality work.


Frequently asked Questions

What skills does an electrician have?
Electricians must follow the standards for all installations and repairs. They know how to work safely with electrical components and systems and do precise work. I can diagnose problems and find solutions. Because they work in a hazardous environment that exposes them to the risk of electric shock and burns, they must constantly pay attention to safety.


What types of work does an electrician do?
Electricians are usually responsible for a variety of tasks, from installing new electrical installations to repairing older systems and performing routine maintenance. They may be responsible for calibrating and testing electrical systems, improving existing electrical installations, troubleshooting electrical equipment, and preparing project documentation. Electricians install security systems, fire and other high-current and low-current systems in commercial buildings, such as offices or shops. In households, they usually install cables, sockets, switches, or expand the existing network and its capacity.


How do I find a good electrician?
A quick and easy way to find a skilled and willing electrician is to create a demand for Wilio. You will receive offers from experienced electricians from the area. Then just compare offers, look at customer reviews and choose the expert that suits you.


Can I do the electrical work myself?
Even if no one prevents you from doing what you want, in your own home, doing electrical work is dangerous and can lead to costly repairs and other problems. Becoming an electrician requires training. You do not take electricity lightly. Because even less work can pose a safety risk. In addition, without a valid inspection report issued to you by an electrician after an intervention in the electrical installation, the insurance company will not have to recognize the insured event and pay premiums.


How to reset circuit breakers?
Switch off the circuit breaker completely and then switch it on completely. Some circuit breakers will appear not to be switched off, but could be in the neutral phase, which still does not allow them to operate as if they were completely switched on. The way to find out is to turn all circuit breakers off and on again.


How much does an electrician cost?
Electrical installation work is usually valued for a specific project. Hourly wages are more of an exception for electricians. The cost depends on the complexity of the task and the time required, but may not include the purchase of materials, whether special tools or equipment are needed, and whether the electrician is nearby or must come from a greater distance.


When should a review be performed?
1. If you are buying a property that has been in use and is over 25 years old
2. If more than 5 years have elapsed since the last revision
3. If you are concerned about how any device was installed

The audit report is an important document in the event of an insured event. In the event of an invalid revision, the insurance company may shorten or completely reject the insurance indemnity. At the same time, it is not obliged to warn you of the obligation to have a valid revision if you have insured real estate. The revision is valid for five years.


How much does a wiring review cost?
The final price for the revision and writing the revision report for a 2-room apartment can range between € 50-120, depending on the complexity of the electrical installation and other factors. The price of the electrical installation revision is also affected by, for example, the number of circuits, ie the number of circuit breakers / fuses / circuit breakers, whether the revision also includes end appliances on the lighting circuit. and so on.


When is the time to call an electrician?
When resetting circuit breakers or replacing fuses too often. When you turn on the air conditioner, the lights in the room go out. When your lights are flashing or off. When you smell a burnt smell of electricity. If you have six electronic devices plugged into one outlet. If your sockets are overloaded with extension cords.



What services do electricians provide?

  • Consultations on project plans, where it will be necessary to install cables and sockets

  • Installation of cables in ceilings, walls and floors

  • Installation of fuse boxes, earthing terminals and circuit breakers

  • Installation of electrical outlets on the walls for lamps and sockets

  • Connect initial connections to outlets, switches, lights, power supplies, computer networks, and devices
  • Installation of alarms and security systems

  • Electrical equipment fault testing

  • Troubleshooting that occurs during testing

  • Installation of telecommunications networks

  • Connecting devices to power sources

Reviews from customers

Matúš K.
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Nice, smart, well done work.
Electric wiring
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Extremely satisfied. Helpful and handy man :)
Handy husband
Martin P.
Miroslav V.
Master was punctual, excellent communication, agreed price retained.
Electric wiring
Jan K.
Jaro G.
The best electrician
Electric wiring
Kristián C.
Peter P.
Everything cool
Handy husband
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Peter P.
I am fully satisfied with the work.
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