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Frequently asked Questions

Why look for a carpenter at Wilio?

Under the hands of a carpenter, many objects are created, which are an essential part of our daily lives, from the formwork for concreting the foundations of the house, to the roof under which we sleep. A carpenter will make what you need for you, whether it is a gazebo in the garden or stairs in a family house. The work of a skilled carpenter will bring authentic elements to your home, which will create an atmosphere and attract attention. You will find a skilled carpenter quickly and easily with Wilio. Simply write what you need in your request and we will connect you with carpenters from the area who have all the necessary skills. Then just look at their profiles and read customer reviews to choose the right one!

What skills does a carpenter have?

The carpenter must be technically skilled, patient and extremely precise in order to be able to produce wooden structures according to exact specifications. Carpenters use their imagination along with practical thinking and manual skills to produce roof structures, door frames and doors, stairs, railings, formwork, flower pots, ceilings and other complex structures.

How do I find a good carpenter?

At Wilio you will easily find a skilled and helpful carpenter from your area. Just enter a request, answer a few questions about what will need to be produced and wait for offers from experienced carpenters.

Can I deliver the material?

In most cases, the carpenter will use his own material. In exceptional cases, a carpenter can use a material from you, for example, if you want to make a solid wood table from a specific piece of wood. In this case, the carpenter will need to see the material to make sure it is suitable for the job.

How much does a carpenter cost?

The cost of the work will depend on the size and complexity of the project. If a carpenter is doing a bigger construction for you, it will require more material and therefore time and work. It also depends on the types of work that will need to be done. The price can also be affected by whether the carpenter is nearby or must come from a greater distance.

How long does carpentry work take?

It depends on the type of carpentry to be done, the amount of material needed. Smaller work can be done in a few hours, while larger projects such as truss construction can take several weeks.

Can a carpenter do several jobs at once?

Some carpenters only specialize in certain major jobs, such as building trusses, while others make several minor repairs for you at once during a single visit. However, it should be borne in mind that many carpentry work requires more than one day.

What carpentry work can I order?

What work does a carpenter do?

A carpenter builds, repairs, or demolishes structures and building components made of wood, chipboard, light steel, and aluminum, or concrete. Using hand and power tools, it cuts, grinds, cuts, assembles and manufactures formwork, foundations, lintels, pillars and ceilings. It assembles various carpentry products such as roof structures, tables, doors, various complex wooden structures, etc. Maintains and inspects the technical condition of carpentry products and structures. Treats and preserves wood products. Ship carpenters build, repair and maintain ships. The carpenter traditionally performs mainly construction work: - Manufactures load-bearing structures of buildings (log, half-timbered, etc.), formwork (eg for concreting), roofs (rafters, prisons, trusses, etc.) and other rough construction work that does not require completely fine joints or highly specific interior finish and appearance . - It installs floor and ceiling beams, ie horizontal beams connected to the supporting structure under the floor or ceiling, respectively, which give the floor or ceiling load-bearing capacity and enable their assembly. - Manufactures additional structures such as gazebos, pergolas, shelters, railings, garden houses, and others.

Good assignment is the key

Carpenters work with wood in a variety of ways. From wooden formwork into which the concrete foundations of the house are poured to the production of stylish solid wood furniture. Write the most accurate description of the task in the assignment so that the carpenter can bring all the necessary tools and materials.

Check the implementation

To make sure that all the work has been done well, check the work during it as well as after it has been completed.

Budget and time

Don't forget to add your requirements for the completion date to the assignment. If you have a budget that needs to be met, notify your service provider at the outset.

What will a carpenter make?


log buildings

half-timbered structures

small wooden buildings

garages and other shelters

gates, gates, fences






alatánky and garden houses



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