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What should I know

What common car repairs can a car mechanic help me with?

Oil and filter change

Changing the oil, oil filter, fuel filter and air filter is essential for the smooth running of the vehicle. It also provides more economical operation and lower fuel consumption compared to clogged and dirty filters. These are some of the most important parts of regular vehicle service.

Small service inspection

A small service inspection includes changing the oil and filters; body and chassis inspection; topping up all engine fluids, including washer fluid, brake fluid, coolant and checking 35 other key components such as lights, tires and brakes. Most mechanics follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommend any additional work that the car may need due to its type and age.

Great service inspection

The large service inspection includes all services that are part of a small service inspection but also includes inspection of another 15 to 30 vehicle components, including, for example, axle inspection, wheel bearings, power steering inspection, inspection of shock absorbers, pumps, headlight adjustment, air conditioning circuit inspection and others.

Repairs, replacement and maintenance

Whether replacing consumables such as oil, filters, spark plugs, or worn brake pads. Other regular tasks include cleaning and disinfecting the air conditioning or replacing the wipers. An experienced car mechanic will make sure that your car is in good working order, safe and that it meets the standards of the TK technical inspection and the EC emission control.

Glass, body and interior repairs

If there is a crack in the windshield or damaged paint on the body, it is best to repair the damage as soon as possible so that it does not spread further. In the case of damaged upholstery or interior plastics, these are mainly aesthetic defects, which can be performed later.

Wheel and tire maintenance

The geometry and balance of the wheels, or the quality of the tires for summer and winter, are crucial for safe driving, braking and optimum vehicle performance on the road.

Frequently asked Questions

Why look for a car service in Wilio?

Whether you need a regular car service inspection, overhaul, geometry, or major repairs, you'll find a car mechanic at Wilio who can handle it. It will check your car, diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs and replacements. Just enter a query and wait for the quote. Regardless of the make and model of your car, we will help you find a mechanic or car service that will put your car in first class condition. If your vehicle needs routine service or repair, Wilio will help you find professionals you can count on to do quality work at a good price.

What are the most common car problems a car mechanic can help me solve?

The most common problems with the vehicle include failures of the engine, electronics, or defects, or repairs of minor damage to the vehicle body. To ensure your safety and prevent any problems on the road, you must have a regular service at least every year and make the necessary repairs as soon as you notice the problem.

How long does it take to repair a car?

How long the repair will take will depend on how critical the failures are and how many vehicle components need to be replaced or repaired. In general, most routine car repairs can be performed in one day - from inspection and diagnostics to repair or replacement. However, in the case of parts replacement, the repair time may be extended by the delivery of the spare part itself. A skilled car mechanic will do everything to get you back on the road as soon as possible, but safety always remains the top priority, so the work is not at the expense of quality.

How long does the service take?

Car service may take an average of 1-2 hours. If repairs beyond normal service are required, this may take longer.

How do I find a reliable car service or car mechanic in my area?

Wilio will help you find a car repair shop in your area that can solve your problem. Just enter a request and agree on a date and price.

Why arrange a car service through Wilio?

Regular car service is necessary to make the car drive reliably and safely. With Wilio you can find a mechanic with the necessary skills, experience and equipment. Simply compare different price offers and choose the best one. Wilio is the fastest and easiest way to find a reliable car mechanic in the area.

How often is a car service needed?

Generally, the car should be serviced every 12 months (15,000 km or 30,000 km) depending on the manufacturer's recommendations and the type of engine.

Hints and tips

Good assignment is the key

Car mechanics are usually responsible for a wide range of work, from car service inspections to various repairs. Write in the assignment the most accurate description of what work you need to do and to what extent so that the expert knows exactly what your idea is.

Check the implementation

To make sure that all the work has been done well, check the work during it as well as after it has been completed.

Budget and time

Don't forget to add your requirements for the completion date to the assignment. If you have a budget that needs to be met, notify your service provider at the outset.

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