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Air conditioning repair or installation

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Are you looking for an expert to install or repair air conditioning in your area? For air conditioning to work well, it needs to be properly installed, regularly cleaned and maintained. Any repairs must be handled by a qualified professional. Your climate will always be reliably and pleasantly cooled during hot days.

Wilio will help you find air conditioning experts in your area. Just enter a request and in a few minutes you will receive the first offers from local experts who will do the job when it suits you and at a friendly price.

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Don't waste time looking for offers from different air conditioning companies. Enter your demand and you will soon start receiving offers from skilled air conditioning experts from the area.

2. Do not exceed your budget
Prices for installing or repairing air conditioning can be really different. However, with Wilio you can easily compare several offers and choose the one that suits your budget.

3. Find the best air conditioning experts
Hire the best rated air conditioning experts from the area, you will get the security of quality work that you can rely on.


Frequently asked Questions

What is part of standard air conditioning maintenance?
During air conditioning service, the service technician checks the refrigerant (R32, R410A), system pressure, filters, electronics, seals and condensate drain. Disinfects and cleans the evaporator, filters, covers, external condensers, condensate waste and electronics. It checks the cooling circuit, noise, operation of individual operating modes and tightens the connections.

Air conditioning service (prophylaxis) includes in particular the following tasks:

  • evaporator disinfection
  • cleaning the indoor unit cover
  • engine and bearing noise control
  • electronics cleaning
  • tightening electrical and mechanical connections
  • condensate waste disinfection
  • inspection and cleaning or replacement of filters
  • cleaning of external condensers
  • control functions
  • control of Fan, Cool, Heat modes
  • checking the condition of thermal insulation
  • check the tightness of the cooling circuit
  • cleaning the outdoor unit covers


Why is it necessary to perform regular annual air conditioning service, so-called prophylaxis?
Regular service of the air conditioner is a necessary condition for its trouble-free operation and long service life. Inspection and repair of the air conditioning includes not only cleaning of the air conditioning and disinfection, but also a revision of the operation of the equipment. Cleaning the air conditioner can reduce energy consumption and therefore the cost of operation. Neglecting the necessary maintenance will cause a steady decline in air conditioning performance, while energy consumption will increase.


How often should air conditioning be serviced?
How often you need to service the air conditioner will depend on how often you use the air conditioner and how dusty or polluted the outside environment is. If you regularly clean the filters every few weeks and keep the outdoor unit clean of dirt and cobwebs, you will only need professional maintenance once a year.


Should I have the air conditioner repaired or replaced?
When deciding whether to repair or replace an air conditioner, consider factors such as: the age of the air conditioner, its energy efficiency, and the cost of the new unit versus the cost of repair.


What types of air conditioning repairs are most often needed?
Refrigeration repairs of air conditioning:

  • Filling with new refrigerant with removal of refrigerant leakage
  • Refrigerant replenishment
  • Replacement of a component in the cooling circuit
  • New compressor

Electrical repairs of air conditioning:

  • Intervention or diagnosis of a problem in the el. circuit
  • Electrical repair of air conditioning with replacement of parts
  • Replacement starting capacitor

Condensate repairs:

  • Condensate repair: cleaning
  • Condensate repair: remodeling (other storage, gluing, drilling)
  • Condensate pump repair
  • Condensate pump installation
  • Repair / replacement of condensate hose / pipe


What happens if the air conditioning is not serviced regularly?
The air conditioner has components that filter the air, and if these filters are not cleaned regularly, bacteria will start to grow in the unit, which will be transmitted to the circulation when the air conditioner works. Regular service is therefore necessary to ensure that the air conditioning air is clean and healthy, but also so that the air conditioning unit operates without faults, so that the device has the lowest possible electricity consumption and long life.


How often is it necessary to service the air conditioning unit?
Experts recommend servicing air conditioning in apartments and houses once a year. Best in early spring. However, in order to ensure that your air conditioner works efficiently, in addition to the annual service, it must also be cleaned regularly.


How much does an air conditioning service cost?
The average cost of air conditioning service ranges from 50 to 300 €. The price depends on how many air conditioning units are connected, what type they are located in and other factors.



How to install air conditioning?

Inspection and focus of air conditioning
Every air conditioning installation begins with inspection and focus. It is one of the most important steps needed to make the air conditioning user-friendly, efficient, feasible and with the least possible intervention in your building. During the inspection, the number of units needed for installation, their performance and location are dimensioned.


Installation and assembly of air conditioning
Wall-mounted air conditioners most often consist of one outdoor unit and one or more indoor units. When installing the air conditioner, these indoor and outdoor units must be connected to the refrigerant as well as electrically, which requires expertise and experience. Therefore, it is necessary to consult an expert.

The installation of the air conditioner begins with the exact location of the outdoor and indoor units. It is necessary that the pipes leading to the indoor and outdoor units can be routed to the equipment without hindrance.It is also necessary to determine where the condensate will be drained. When the air conditioning is running, a lot of water is generated, so the water drain must be on a slope. It can produce up to five liters per day. Water is usually drained either outside, outside the house, e.g. into drains, into a siphon or into a toilet cistern.


The pipes can be routed through cable ducts, but they can also be built into walls if the installation is considered well in advance or if the thickness of the masonry allows it. In the case of laying pipes in the walls, major demolition work is required and further reconstruction work is required after it, e.g. the painting. At the same time, it is more financially and time consuming.

Subsequently, the bracket for accommodating the outdoor unit and the inner support plate are mounted. When the installation of the outdoor and indoor units is complete and the pipes and lines are in place, the pipes and cables are connected, the device is vented, connected to the electricity and filled with additional coolant as required.

Finally, its correct operation is checked and tested with pressure measuring devices so that the performance of the air conditioning is sufficient even under heavy load.


Why does air conditioning only need to be installed by an accredited person?
Air conditioning installation also includes refrigerant filling. According to the valid legislation, it can be handled only by a certified person. Therefore, the installation of air conditioning can only be performed by law by an accredited expert.


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