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Currently open customer projects

Tax Advice
Tax Declaration
Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning Cleaning and Service
Air Conditioning Installation and Repair
Appliances Installation
Refrigerator Repair
Washing Machine Repair
Dryer Repair
Dishwasher Repair
Architecture, Architect
3D Visualisation
Interior Design
Urban and Land Use Planning
Building Material
Laminated Wood And Lumber
Construction Timber, Wood
Business Services
Equipment Rental
Rental of Heavy Machinery
Rental of Commercial Vehicles
Crane Rental, Elevator Rental
Facility management
Car Service
Care and Nursing
Elderly Care / Care for Disabled
Carpenter, Furniture Maker
Kitchen Installation, Kitchen Furniture
Furniture Repairs
Kitchen Cabinets Renovation
Furniture Renovation
Construction Carpenter
Built-In Wardrobes
Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturing
Furniture Manufacturing
Garden Furniture
Cleaning Services
Tiles Cleaning
Facade Cleaning
Roofs and Gutters Cleaning
Wet Cleaning
Wet Cleaning of Cars
Wet Cleaning of Carpets
Wet Cleaning of Sofas
Windows Cleaning
Computer and IT Services
Design and Graphics
Information Technologies and Development
TV and Satellite Repair
Construction Work
Concrete Work
Concrete Products
Filigran ceilings
House Construction
Bricklaying, Bricklayer
Retaining Walls
Site Preparation for Construction Projects
Base Plate, Building Foundations
Doors Installation
Security Doors
Wooden Entrance Doors
Aluminum Entrance Doors
Interior Doors
Lock Repair or Replacement
Plastic Entrance Doors
Sliding Doors
Door Restoration
Drywall, Drywall Assembly
Electrical Connection
Electrical Installation
Electrical Switches and Sockets - Installation and Repair
Smart Wiring
Light Fixture Installation
Electrical Panel and Fuse Boxes - Installation and Repair
Solar Panels, Photovoltaic Panels
Illuminated Ceilings
Security Systems and Home Alarms
Engineers, Engineering Design
Occupational Safety and Health
Energy Certificate
Geological Reports
Inspections and Revisions
Legalisation of Buildings
Engineering Works
Wiring Project
Fire Protection Project
Buildings Technical Security Project
Engineering Networks Project
House Projects
Implementation Project
Structural Engineer
Construction Permission
Construction Site Supervision
Energy Balance Calculation
List of Works Elaboration
Property Valuation and Appraisal
Exterior Shading
Screen Blinds
Window Nets, Door Nets
Exterior Roller Shutters
Exterior Blinds
Facades, House Insulation
Wood Cladding
Sheet Metal Facade
Ventilated Facades
Insulation, Isolation
Fences and Gates
Concrete Fences
Wood Fences
Gabion Fences
Forged Gates
Forged Fences, Metal Fences
Metal Fences
Panel Fences
Plastic Fences
Sliding Gates
Wicker Fences
Wire fence
Fence Construction
Garage Doors
Side-Hinged Garage Doors
Industrial Garage Doors
Rolling Garage Doors
Sectional Garage Doors
Hinged Garage Doors
Garden, Gardener
Grass Mowing, Lawn
Tree Planting
Grass Planting, Lawn
Felling, Sawing Trees
Garden and Outdoor Works
Garden Houses, Cottages
Garden Center
Garden Architect
Irrigation System
Well Cleaning
Well Digging and Drilling
Digging Foundations
Inspection Shafts
Drain Digging
Excavation Works
Home Theater Installation
Expert, Specialist
TV Wall Mounting
Furniture assembly, installation
Hanging Pictures
Health Advisor
Hair Salon, Barbershop
Cosmetic Specialist
Heating, Heating Engineer
Electric Underfloor Heating
Infrared Panels
Boiler Repair
Underfloor Heating
Gas Connection
Boiler Service
Wall and Ceiling Heating
Heat Pump
Boiler Installation
Thermostat Installation / Replacement
Interior Shading
Interior Shutters
Fabric Blinds
Panel Blinds and Curtains
Pleated Blinds
Interior Window Blinds
Vertical Blinds
Laying or Replacing Flooring
Concrete Floor
Parquet Grinding
Epoxy Floors
Laminate Flooring
Cast Floors
Wooden floors
Loose Lay Flooring
Cork flooring
Flooring Installer
Parquet Laying
Industrial Floors
Sport Surfaces (Tennis, Courts, and Synthetic Grass)
Linoleum flooring
Vinyl Flooring
New Building
Turnkey House Construction
Single storey house
Wooden Houses
Eco-friendly Building
Prefabricated Houses
Modern houses
Low-Energy Houses
Passive House
Container houses
Other Products and Services
Central Vacuum Cleaners
Pest Control
Gravestones, Tombstones
Sanding and Grinding
Tool Rental
Powder Coating
Work at Height
Elevators and Lifts
Winter Maintenance
Painting, Painter
Venetian Plaster
Decorative Plaster
Wood Staining
Wood Treatment
Surface Treatment of Metals
Surface Treatment
Photographer, Video
Single-layer lime plaster
Facade Plaster
Gypsum Plaster
Restoration Plaster
Machine Plasters
Lime-Cement Plaster
Water Tap or Washbasin Installation
Toilet Installation
Sewer, Sump
Sewer Line Cleaning
Minor Plumbing Works and Repairs
Shower or Bathtub Installation
Faucet or Washbasin Repair or Replacement
Pipe Repair
Shower or Bathtub Repair
Toilet Repair
Water Filtration and Treatment
Sump Disposal
Water Supply Connection, Sewer Connection
Pool Construction
Ponds and Lakes
Pool Maintenance
Pool Enclosures and Covers
Renovation and Reconstruction
Sanitation and Demolition
Demolition Works
Blown-in Insulation
Waterproofing Bathrooms
Fireplaces, Stoves
Chimney Plating
Undercutting, Masonry Grouting 
Renovation / Garage Repair
Renovation of Balconies, Terraces
Flat Renovation, Apartment Remodeling
Reconstruction of apartment cores
House Renovation and Remodeling
Kitchen Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Attic Renovation
Attic Insulation
Winter Garden
Anhydrite Screeds
Cement Screed
Self-Leveling Screed
Machine Screeds
Dry Screed
Shelters and Canopies
Wooden Canopies
Turnkey Garage Construction
Prefabricated Garages
Metal Garages
Specialised Construction Works
Concrete Grinding and Polishing
Milling, Chimney Lining 
Waterproofing of Foundations
Pile Foundations
Concrete Cutting
Stairs Construction and Manufacturing
Wooden Stairs
Wooden Railing
Forged Railing
Metal Stairs
Ladder Stairs
Stainless Steel Stairs
Stainless Steel Railing
Floating Stairs
Glass Railing
Spiral Stairs
Terrace Construction
Terrace Waterproofing
Tile Installation and Cladding
Terrace Tiles
Terrace boards
Stone Pavement
Tension Ceilings
Fireplace Cladding
Stairs Cladding
Bathroom Tiles
Floor Materials
Tiler, Tile Installer
Embossed Concrete
Tile Flooring
Gypsum Tiles
Tatra Profile
Brick Veneer
Interlock Paving
Cabin Cladding
Tinker, Roofer
Lightning Rod, Lightning Conductor
Chimney Cleaning
Flat Roof Waterproofing 
Chimney Sweep
Chimney Roof
Roof Painting
Stainless Steel Chimneys
Protection from Nesting Birds
Roof Repair
Metal Roof
Flat Roof
Chimney Inspection
Thatched Roofs
Chimney Construction
Roof Insulation
Eco-friendly Roofing
Transportation, Courier Services
Material Transportation
Garbage Collection
Container Rental
Warehouses, Storerooms
Moving and Removals
Furniture Upholstery
Utilities and Infrastructure Construction
Sewage and Wastewater Treatment
Utilities Connection
Rainwater Tanks
Access Road, Sidewalk
Weddings, Celebrations, Events
Aluminum Welding
Plastic Welding
TIG Welding
Windows Installation
Wooden Windows
Aluminum Windows
Repair of Blinds and Shutters
Plastic Windows
Sliding Windows
Window sills
Windows Renovation
Windows Service and Repairs

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